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Hours: MTT 8A - 8P • W 8A - 5P • F 8A - 12:30P • S/S CLOSED
Hero Image: Boast
Ages 2-13 yrs
Registration: $15 one time registration fee
Cost: $35/month

Contact the ARC office to register | 918.317.2259

BOAST will restart March 23, 2020

2/3 year olds
Monday - 11:30a
Wednesday - 12:00p

4/5 year olds
Tuesday - 5:30p
Thursday - 4:45p

6-9 year olds
Thursday - 5:30p

10-13 year olds
Thursday - 6:30p

These fun, action-packed sessions will last 30 minutes. Young athletes who participate in this class will have their first discovery of sport and physical fitness. The class encompasses sports and game-activities to build motor skills, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and confidence. In addition, they will improve fundamental movement patterns, communication skills and will be adequately prepared for more structure participation in youth sports.

  • Fundamental locomotor skills
    • Running
    • Jumping
    • Leaping
    • Hopping
  • Object Control/Manipulation
    • Throwing
    • Catching
    • Kicking
    • Striking
  • Multi-joint moving patterns
  • Games-activities-play
  • Balance/coordination
  • Color/Shape/Number recognition

These fun, team-oriented sessions will last 45 minutes. During each session effort=success. Young athletes who participate in the class will be placed in group/teams and introduced to specific sports skills. These young athletes will have a blast playing games and using obstacle courses to reinforce their newly acquired skills. This class will help athletes:

  • Learn basic rules of sports
  • Learn muscles in the body
  • Improve upper and lower body strength
  • Improve coordination and agility
  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Acquire sport-specific skills
  • Most importantly...improve confidence!!

These sessions will last 45 minutes and are designed to teach youth athletes the proper technique in sports movement through a variety of activities. In this class learning + effort = success. Athletes will be challenged to use a variety of skills to control body weight and develop functional strength for their respective sport. This age period serves as a critical time in advancing overall development and athletic potential as they advance to more complex training and sport involvement. This class will help athletes:

  • Improve speed and agility
  • Improve core strength
  • Improve upper body strength
  • Learn muscles in the body and how they work
  • Learn proper warm-up technique to prevent injury
  • Learn proper running mechanics and technique
  • Build a solid foundation for athletic success on field/court
  • Most importantly...improve confidence!!

BOAST is CANCELLED for January & February 2020

BOAST will restart the week of March 23

BOAST is a new and unique youth athletic program that exposes youth to a variety of sports & movements using cutting edge coaching, teaching & training methods to physically & mentally prepare youth athletes.