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Hours: M|T|Th 9A - 8P • W 9A - 6P • F 9A - 12P • S/S CLOSED
ages 4-12 yrs (by Dec. 1)
cost: $75 (add $10 after November 30)
Players receive reversible jersey
Cheer receives cheer top & poms
Players/cheer provide shorts | socks | shoes | undershirt (optional)
COVID-19 Guidelines are TBD
  • Coach’s Meeting: TBD
  • Team Formation: TBD
  • Rosters to coaches: TBD
  • Practice Begins: Week of Jan 3
  • First Game: 1/15/21
  • Picture Day: TBD
  • Final Game: 3/5/21
  • Awards Ceremony: 3/7/21 @ 6:30pm in the FBCBA Worship Center

Registration will open October 2021 for the Winter 2022 Season

Registration will open October 2021 for the Winter 2022 Season

Who can participate?
Almighty Basketball and Cheer is open to the community and is available for kids ages 4-12 years.

When is practice?
Practice days are determined by the coach and based on court availability. Generally practices are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Practices will generally begin at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30pm and run for one-hour.

Where are games/practices held?
Games and practices are held in the gym on the campus of First Baptist Church Broken Arrow.

When are games played?
Games are generally held between 8a and 9p each Saturday with younger games first, then older as the day progresses.

Who are the coaches?
The coaches are volunteers…generally moms and dads of the kids playing. All volunteers are screened, trained and background checked prior to taking a team. If you would be interested in coaching, please contact Ryan at

How are teams formed?
K4/5 and 6-year olds will play Coed and will not be evaluated for team formation. Ages 7-years and up will take part in an evaluation to assess current skill level. Teams in this division will be combined as needed based on registration, but will be gender specific. Generally, divisions will be divided within 2 age groups (i.e. 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, etc.). Team formation and groupings are subject to change and are based on registration numbers.

Almighty Sports does not allow “pre-formed” teams. 

We do accept friend and coach requests (see below).  No more than 1/2 of the team will be placed based on friend and coach request.

Can I request a specific team?
Players can request a friend, a coach, or both. We do our best to honor all requests, but cannot guarantee that it will be possible to do so.

What is the weather policy?
Most decisions are game-day decisions. An email will go out by 7:30a on game days to advise on the current status of games if there is inclement weather. It is rare that we need to cancel since we are inside. However, there are instances with snow and ice in the parking lot that could make it necessary to cancel.

What if games are canceled?
Games that are canceled due to weather will be reschedule as the calendar allows.

What is the refund policy?
We make every effort to honor all friend/coach/practice day requests, however, in some cases that is not possible. Unless a player is unable to be placed on a team, a refund will not be available, except in cases of financial hardship, for medical reasons, or for a family moving out of the area. Refunds will be subject to approval of the Almighty Sports Director.